Flight Training

Introduction to Our Wings Program

The Oakville (Milton) Model Flying Club fully adopts the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) “Wings” training programme. Admission to this programme is included in your club dues and there is no extra charge. This is the MAAC approved method for learning to fly model aircraft and its purpose is to teach the essential skills of safe flying. Safe, responsible operation of our models is the only way to ensure preservation of our flying privileges and is the route to maximum enjoyment of the sport. In order to take part in our Wings Training Program, please send a message to our Chief Flying Instructor to register (use the Main Menu CONTACT link).

Training Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday evenings – May until Labour Day (app. 5pm to dusk)

Training Manual

This manual is the Wings Programme guide for students and instructors. It presents details of the OMFC safety rules, the programme curriculum and the checkout standards. Please download and study the contents carefully if you plan to register (available form the Main Menu DOCUMENTS link).


The club would like to thank the Instructors for all their hard work. These people give many hours of their time on a purely voluntary basis and without their commitment, we would not have the standards of safety at our field that we sometimes take for granted.

Any member wishing to volunteer some of his or her time as an instructor should contact the Chief Flying Instructor. The club is always looking for keen motivated people to be part of the team. The qualifications to be considered for an instructor designation are:

Competent pilot. This does not mean you have to be the best in the club. It simply means that you should be comfortable with flying trainer type aircraft and be ready and able to take over an aircraft in almost any position relative to the ground.

Desire (and a little ability) to teach. Desire and ability to teach are as important, if not more so, than the piloting skills.

Reliable. This simply means that if you are going to volunteer for a time slot in the training schedule, the club should be able to rely on the fact that you will be there or that you let the CFI know, in advance, so that an alternative instructor can be scheduled for that day.